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About Solartech Systems

We Are An Expert Solar Engineering Company

Solartech Systems (Pvt) Ltd is a solar engineering company that was established on the 21st of August 2012. In December 2015 Management decided to rebrand to Treksun (Private) Limited T/A Solartech Systems which was then registered on the 21st of March 2016 under the Companies Act (Chapter 24.03) of Zimbabwe. It specializes in solar power off-grid, backup and protection solutions, being led by a team with distinguished technical expertise combined with hands-on experience. Its main focus is the delivery of quality power engineering services and products to the industrial, commercial and domestic users.

Solar System Design

We design solar systems to meet your energy requirements and/or budget. Whichever comes first, we are happy to help you come up with the best system for your needs.

Reliability & Performance

Whether commercial, home on or off-grid, we have a proven method of installation that works. We have installed more than 2000 solar systems across the country and that experience has become proficiency.

Who we are

Our Mission Statement

To make solar energy the primary source of energy.

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Solar Lighting & Entertainment

LOAD: Lights, TV, WiFi, Phone Charging

8-hour Night Time Back-up, Fast Hybrid Charging, Simple and Efficient

From $1 135

Home Basic Hybrid System

LOAD: Lights, TV, WiFi, Phone Charging, Fridge/0.5 HP Booster Pump

8-hour Night-time Backup, Hybrid Charging, Save up to 50% on electricity bill

From $2 300

Home Premium Hybrid System

LOAD: Lights, TV, WiFi,Phone Charging, 2 X Fridge/1 HP Booster Pump

8-hour Night-time backup, Hybrid Charging, Save up to 75% on electricity bill

From $4 300


Mike Chamburuka - Founder

A practical hands-on leader with active projects management experience. Focused on customer service and growth with a keen eye for detail and workmanship. Poised to make a success of every individual project through a personalised service approach.

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”