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We are a service provider poised to meet you at you point of need. Our work involves the design, sizing, installation and maintenance of solar on and off-grid systems and solar back-up power systems.

We take time to assess your daily energy usage and requirement and design your system according to your specific needs. Our role as a company is to address the needs of each individual customer regardless of budget. We help clients pick the best equipment for their use.

Solar Systems Installations

Through experience, we have developed a practical way to install solar in any environment, for any size and scale and we are always available to do just that for our clients. To set up a long-lasting system that meets the energy requirements of each client.

Customer Service and Support

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Solar Tips

What To Consider When Buying A Solar System

Does the solar system produce enough energy to run your essential appliances? Solar systems vary in terms of capacity depending on their intended use. Hence it is of utmost importance to have your proposed solar system designed and sized by a qualified professional.